Experience and knowledge matter. Over 20 years of providing advice.

Expert advice to save you time and money

Axess Financial Services are an independent residential and commercial mortgage and loan adviser who is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). With over 20 years experience in the lending market, we will save you time and money by matching your criteria to lenders as well as finding the best rate with lowest fees. You can also search for latest deals on our website. Our specialist in-house knowledge database built-up over last fifteen years helps us to find solutions to all types financial issues whether they are straightforward or complex.

We are also qualified to provide advice in the specialist area of lifetime mortgages and equity release for older customers.

As a whole of market broker We have helped 1000s of customers with property transactions, so whether you are a first time buyer, an experienced homeowner looking to move or a property investor talk to us first.

We offer:

1. Free first consultation.
2. Search whole of market including direct to lender rates.
3. Lender comparison service- checks not only rates but also costs
4. Check criteria to identify that lender will advance the loan.
5. General advice on the mortgage process, dealing with the lender,
estate agent and solicitor.
6. Continuous advice and help until the mortgage is competed.

Why use an Independent Financial Advisor for your mortgage?

1. An Independent Financial Advisor works for you and not for the
estate agent, seller or the bank.
2. We will compare rates from all lenders in the market.
3. Obtain special deals.
4. Advise is monitored and regulated by the Financial Servics Authority
(Reg no 190855 – www.fsa.gov.uk).
5. We compare both rate and fees – unlike price comparison sites.
6. Personal one to one advice throught the house buying process.
7. Advice on life cover, income protection and financial overview
given at same time.
8. Lender comparison service.


Who pays for our service?

All mortgage brokers are paid a fee by the lender.  This fee is standard for the mortgage industry based on the type of mortgage and the loan amount.  It is based on expected average time to process and application.  All prime mortgages receives more or less same fee, whilst an adverse mortgage will receive a different fee.  This is to reflect the amount of work required.  An adverse mortgage requires additional work and is more time consuming.  

A mortgage can take 12 – 15 hours of work for a broker from beginning to end. 

Our fees

We do not charge fees for all standard mortgages for direct clients.  There may be a fee for complex cases and low loan values.  Initial conversation / meeting is always free.  It enables us to determine the complexity of the application and if a fee is applicable.  You will be notified of the fee before continuing with an application.  

If a fee is to be paid it will be only upon an offer is issued to by the lender.  There are no upfront fees by Axess.  

Example of a standard case is, where there is no adverse, and the loan is based on standard income multiples (4.5 – 4.75x). If employed income is fixed and regular as well as  consistent and from a single source. 
For the self employed net profit / salary / dividends are consistent or increasing over last 3 years. 

Example of a complex case: irregular income or from more that one job, low credit score or adverse credit, high income multiples 

We have been providing mortgage advice for over 20  years.  

As with most professions experience matter.  We are able to look at the wider picture when giving advice. 

We are fully qualified and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 190855 (fca.gov.uk – if not qualified cannot be regulated by the FCA) and so is covered by the Financial Ombudsman Scheme (FOS)  for disputes and Financial Services Compensation scheme (FSCS).

Our adviser are qualified to advice on all types of residential mortgage, later life lending e.g. lifetime mortgages and insurance (life, critical illness, income protection).

Yes we do check whole of market.  We compare not only rates, but also fees.  As you know low rates marketed in a  promotion to attract customers are not always best value for money and can have  high fees in the background.  We can analyse in  detail both rate and fees for you.

You can see how we do that here: http://www.axessonline.co.uk/rate-research/

Important : Lenders and mortgage deals can be categorised according to the target market.  Those dealing with prime applicants only, those servicing impaired credit applicants or those dealing with applicants looking for flexibility in criteria, such as higher income multiples.  With the highly competitive nature of the  lending market in the UK the differences in rates and fees between lenders of each group can be insignificant.  For example the deals between all the prime lenders can be very similar; the main difference will be the criteria. 

Yes we can check direct deals which will allow you to go to lender directly.  We will still guide you on the lender’s criteria and help you to make decisions that give you the best opportunity to be accepted by the lender.  

For this service and finding a direct lender for you we do charge a fee.  However, you may find any small advantage of going directly is surpassed by an experienced broker who can guide you throughout the mortgage process, from rate research, application, following up with lender, dealing with estate agent and solicitor. 

– One photo identification for each applicant e.g. passport, valid driving licence with photo.

– One proof of current address, e.g. utility bill – gas, electricity, water, phone, council tax statement, credit card statement, bank statement.  Must be dated within last three months.  No mobile phone or cable TV bills.

– Last three month’s pay slips if employed.  Details of self employed income (if applicable).  Latest bank statement to show salary deposited.

– Up to date information on exisiting credit or loans – amount outstanding and monthly payments.  This is necessary to calculate maximum loan available.

– Details of current or previous adverse credit information (if applicable).  This will affect the lenders available.  High street lenders (e.g. Nationwide, Halifax, Santander etc) requires a clean credit history.  If not other lenders available.

[Lenders may also ask for additional documents after receiving the full application.]

For our privacy and data protection policy and how we use your data, see out data protection page here.

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