Live Mortgage Search.

You can search what is available in the market.  However, it does not mean all the rates will be available to you.  The rate available to you will depend on your financial profile.  Lenders with the lowest rates can have lower income multiples or require high credit score etc.  

These rates will give you a general idea of options available.  We don’t show the exact lender as not all lenders will be able to lend to you.  Some will only lend 4x income and some up to 5x income, or more for high net worth clients.  Some have additional fees or offer free valuations and legal costs.  Some need a certain credit score or Debt to income ratio (DTI).  Also the income calculations on the above system is not exact as lenders vary this depending on the business levels.  We will do a comprehensive analysis to identify best value for money deal and compare lenders once you have a better idea of how you want to proceed. 

However, above will allow you to calculate, based on your monthly affordability, the approximate levels of deposit to put down and the term. 

We can provide you with a more accurate options once we know the following:

  • Your income – basic, overtime, bonus, commission.
  • Employment status – employed / self employed / contractor / zero hour etc.
  • Other credit and loans.
  • Adverse credit.
  • Age

Buy to Let Mortgages

  1. For BTL Purchase – select “Moving House” tab.
  2. Select “Yes” on question – Is the property Buy to Let? (below Repayment Type).
  3. Expected rental income.   
    The rates shown is for a basic rate tax payer and does not provide options for higher rat tax payers, Ltd company purchases or portfolio applicants.
Allow 20 seconds for the search engine to load. If not reload page after 30 secs. Complete each section and press “Next”. Best viewed on full screen desktop or laptop.