10 Reasons to use a broker

Most common questions Googled on Mortgages by the public answered.  

Later in the series we will cover “What”, “Where”, “When”, “Which” and “Why” questions.  

The idea of these posts are to provide non-finance experts with guidelines, so they can make informed decisions regarding property finance. 

Series B: “Why” questions.

Question 1 : Why use a broker?

Correct lender is only one part of the home buying process.  It is, the service level of the lender, the experience and knowledge of the broker, that will add value to your mortgage process.  A broker can provide insights in to the market, lender criteria and access to information.  A broker works for the client and is independent from the estate agent and the bank.  A broker doesn’t have a vested interest in the applicant buying a particular property, like the estate agent.  

We started with the aim of writing a long article blowing our own trumpet; how a broker can supplement and act as a companion to guide you through the mortgage process.  

Then this just popped up on social media.  Why listen to us, we can let a bank tell you the reasons. 


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